NewPole Devons

It’s a case of Back to the Future with the Devons – Phil’s late father, Reg, used to own the Bawdrip herd of Devons and Phil grew up with them, going to the shows with his Dad and learning the showing trade……


For several years, Phil’s kept an eye out for a good foundation Devon heifer and he saw her at Bath & West, in the cattle lines of Mike and Danni Cowell, Eastyard Devons. The deal was struck and a couple of weeks later, Eastyard Milly 2nd arrived at Middle Poleshill, where she joined the Blue show team after her quarantine period was completed and became an Honorary Blue ! Doesn’t get fed like one, though! She continued her very successful show career for the rest of the Summer, winning or coming second at every show. She was Breed Champion at Yeovil 2016, doing the double with NewPole Just A Minute, under noted Breed Specialist John May and was Best Yearling at North Devon Show. We’re looking forward to breeding her to some interesting sires.


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