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About NewPole

The NewPole herd of British & Belgian Blue cattle is very much a team effort. It was started by Phil’’s late Dad, Reg together with Jools Turner in 2004. Now co-owned by Jools and Reg’s son, Phil, with additional help and input from Phil’’s two children. Pip, 22, prepares and handles a lot of the show stock and is now starting her fifth and final year in Veterinary Science at Surrey University. Rob, a couple of years her junior, is very much involved in the forage and arable production for the herd but handles Blues just as well as he does machinery.

We started the herd with one in-calf Blue cow, Licence du Fond de Bois, in 2004 and from there we have steadily expanded the herd. A lot of help along the way from several respected breeders has been much appreciated, as you will see by looking at the pedigrees of our cows and heifers.

The White family also run the Newlands dairy herd and use Blue bulls across the herd, with the exception of the dairy heifers that calve into dairy sexed semen. So being able to get six homebred bulls on AI stations for the dairy sector in recent years has been particularly gratifying and part of our breeding programme is devoted to improving that side of our business. Our aim is to produce sound, healthy stock (all NewPole stock is based at Middle Poleshill Farm – we are members of Biobest’s High Health Scheme, CHeCs accredited for IBR, BVD, Johnnes Level 2) that fulfil our purchaser’s requirements, be it dairy or suckler. In the early days, we decided to go for as wide a spread of genetics as we could possibly afford and from there, we have been able to develop a great band of broodcows that are producing quality stock for both ourselves and others.

Visitors are always welcome –- we can offer bulls and heifers for sale, plus frozen embryos and contract flushing. Please take a tour round our website and follow us on FaceBook to see the very latest news about the farm. Contact us by phone or via the Contact Tab on here

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